Tony Hawk: Ride Peripheral To Become Gaming Platform


Peripherals come and go like the seasons, and often we gamers end up getting stuck with worthless hunks of plastic that used to serve a great purpose but quickly fell to the wayside since they were so game specific. Tony Hawk: Ride has gained a lot of attention because of its high price point, and the fact that it requires the use a motion-sensing skateboard peripheral. To combat customer animosity, the creator of the board, Robomodo, has an innovative plan to keep the peripheral relevant for a very long time.

In fact, president Joshua Tsui claims that the Tony Hawk peripheral is in fact a gaming platform. This is what he had to say:

“It’s really important to us that when people buy this package that they understand that, right now we’re concentrating on Tony Hawk Ride, but we want to make sure that people have a good return on their investment so there are many games that are planned for this peripheral.

We look at it less as a peripheral, as more of a platform. The obvious ones are snowboarding and surfing and such, but there are a lot of games that can be used with this board, and we’re really excited to start working on those.”

We can see this approach working so long as the next few Tony Hawk games, as well as other titles, end up using the exact same peripheral. The last thing we need are incremental upgrades.