iPhone Developer Steals flOw


If you go to the Apps Store on your [shal]iPhone[/shal] or [shal]iPod Touch[/shal], a certain game titled [shal]Aquatica[/shal] may catch your attention for several reasons, one of which is the fact that it looks and plays identically to thatgamecompany’s PC/PS3 title, flOw.

[shal]Jenova Chen[/shal], the creator of [shal]flOw[/shal], has rightfully accused Ketara Software of using flOw’s source code and art style/design without his consent. This is what he had to say:

“I released flOw source for people to learn. I didn’t expect to see it on iPhone without quoting the creator. I just gave out source for people who wants to learn Flash programming. However, according to them, they wrote it from scratch.

The image and animation in Aquatica is almost identical to the original web game I created. I felt maybe they are one of the many who asked me for the flOw source code. But according to the comments the creator of the Aquatica made on the youtube, they didn’t use my source code.

Anyway, I always wanted to see the original flash version of flOw ported to iPhone one day. However, there are many legal issues with the flOw IP since Sony owns the rights to flOw PS3. Though we had many request for doing the port, we didn’t end up pursuing it.

I thought the creation of Aquatica is a very flattering thing because they mimic the game I created in the university and somewhat realized my dream for a flOw game on the iPhone. It could be a very sweet thing if they did this as a fan ware and put it out for free. But the fact they didn’t mention flOw at all and call it a ‘new, unique game completely in a class of its own’ is disappointing.”

This what Ketara Software has said in response to angry posts by users on the Youtube video included below:

“Actually, all the source code is completely, 100% written from scratch. Please check your facts before you make such baseless accusations.

Also, what’s wrong with adapting a general idea of one game to the iPhone? No one had done this before, and we wanted to play it with tilt controls. In general, most games within each class are practically the same, just different graphics.”

Because Aquatica is currently available for free due to a limited time offer, a price has yet to be finalized by Ketara Software. It’s unfortunate that Jenova’s brilliant work has been blatantly stolen, and hopefully he and Sony can get Aquatica removed from the Apps Store and take legal actions against the company. If you have any doubts about this situation, check out the Aquatica gameplay footage.