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iPhone PS1 Emulator Proves to be Cramped Experience


ZodTTD, an iPhone homebrew site, has made a PS1 emulator available for sale. And to prove how well it works on the new 3G S model, the site has put up footage of Final Fantasy VII running on Apple’s hardware.

Though the input style has been pulled off in iPhone games like DDR, having both the d-pad and face buttons (not to mention shoulder buttons on top) included on just half of the screen looks to be a fairly cramped experience. It shouldn’t have much of an effect on slower-paced titles like [shal]RPGs[/shal], but fans of [shal]PS1[/shal] racing and action titles may run into a few gameplay snags.

“The build is rough around the edges, as you can’t switch games without restarting the emulator, and only memory card saves are currently working, no save states just yet. Both these issues are being worked on.

In order to run this build you will need a tool like DiskAid for PC & Mac to place games & bios, that you must supply yourself, in a publicly writable directory.”


The emulator is available for $10 to a limited number of people. You can check out footage of [shal]Final Fantasy VII[/shal] running on the emulator down below.