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First Look at BioShock 2’s Big Daddy Prototype

Seeing as how BioShock 2 is actually a prequel title, 2K Marin has been hard work figuring out not only how and why the first Big Daddy came into existence, but also create a prototype that alludes to the future version seen in the original Bioshock game.

This is what the team at 2K Marin had to say:

“Between the first BioShock and the sequel, you’ve seen a lot of concept art for Big Daddies. The logic behind this concept art went beyond different designs and suit combinations. The artists had to imagine what the very first Big Daddy would have on him — this Big Daddy had to feel like he was a rough draft or a work-in-progress, an amalgam of Big Daddies to come. The first Big Daddy was a test case, and in making the perfect prototype, 2K Marin drafted many, many prototypes themselves.”

Included below are three concept art photos, as well as a near final render of the Big Daddy you’ll be able to control in BioShock 2. Check them out, and let us know what you think!