And the Best Call of Duty Player is….


Just when you thought you were awesome at Call of Duty, someone better (much better) has come along to steal the glory from millions of fellow fraggers. Lanai Gara, a.k.a. Fidget, is a top member of the Frag Dolls pro-gamer team, which originally became popular since the team was comprised entirely of women.

An Oregon resident, Fidget has been playing professionally for quite some time, becoming number five in the world during the [shal]Free-for-All[/shal] that took place on the COD: [shal]World at War[/shal] Beta. And once the game released, she quickly took the number 1 spot before being christened as a Frag Doll at [shal]E3 2009[/shal]. Here’s what Fidget had to say on one of her more recent blog posts.

“When I found out about the Frag Dolls I knew I had to apply and see what would happen. To make sure I was ready for whenever they announced a Casting Call, I made a point of proving that girls can play at the top by earning #1 in the world in Free for All on Call of Duty: World at War.

While playing Call of Duty through the wee hours of the night, I formed a team called Team V Gaming which had about 120 players at our peak. Together we ran through the leader boards, taking out one big name after another. Managing Team V Gaming gave me the experience to better understand gaming communities and the competitive edge gained through team work.”


For more info, you can check out the Frag Dolls website right here.