Cinema Mode to Immortalize Uncharted 2’s Multiplayer Madness


As fun as the [shal]Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta[/shal] is, it’s not hard to wonder what it’d be like if you could show off some of the crazy things you’ve seen to your friends. Well, the [shal]geniuses[/shal] at Naughty Dog have been thinking the same thing, and are ready to unveil a cool new feature for their upcoming blockbuster.

[shal]Evan Wells[/shal], the co-president of [shal]Naughty Dog[/shal], stated the following.

“And of course our Cinema mode allows you to play back any of your matches and view it from ANY angle. You’ll also be able to upload those recordings so others can download them and view them on their PS3’s. You’ll also be able to upload screenshots from that mode as well.

We haven’t announced all of the multiplayer modes yet, but I can tell you that you have several more competitive modes than we tested in the beta and at least 2 more cooperative modes (that are actually some of my favorite). We also have variations on all the competitive modes that focus on specific kinds of weapons.”

It looks like the recordings will be replay data rather than video, but it would be great if Naughty Dog allowed us to record our recorded matches (hope that made sense) and upload them to [shal]Youtube[/shal], a la [shal]PixelJunk Eden[/shal]. The staff here at PlayStation LifeStyle can’t wait to see the Cinema Mode, and the other two cooperative modes, in action.