Qore Offers Enticing Renewal Incentives


On the fence about renewing your subscription to Qore?  Qore is offering a couple bonuses to help sweeten the deal.

Qore is offering it’s loyal subscribers a special renewal rate of $19.99.  And if a reduced price isn’t enough to get you to subscribe for another year, they have another offer that is definitely of interest.

In an email going out to initial [shal]Qore[/shal] subscribers promoting it’s special renewal rate, they also are giving you a promotional code for $5 off your pre-order of Uncharted 2 at Amazon.com.  This offer is for pre-orders only, and the promotional code expires at release date (which is currently pegged for October 1st).  Amazon.com is also offering a bonus Uncharted 2 Treasure Map so you won’t miss out on pre-order goodies.