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John Mayer Switches Gears, Becomes Guitar Hero Fan


John Mayer originally wasn’t a fan of guitar music games, as he revealed in an interview in Rolling Stone about a year back. As a real life guitarist, his comfort level with the game was pretty much zilch. In fact, he felt so strongly against series like Guitar Hero that he stated the following.

“…there’s nothing like really playing guitar. I mean, what would you rather drive, a Ferrari or one of those amusement-park cars on a track?”

But all that has changed now, with John posting up tweets and images of him playing Guitar Hero (which he mistakingly referred to as Rock Band) and having a great time doing it. As it turns out, it was like learning a brand new instrument for the experienced guitar star. And he’s kicking ass doing it.

“Just figured out [Guitar Hero]. The right hand has to stay down the entire length of the note. Dumb. But I’m rocking now. @tonyheld is toast.”


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