The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Gamesblow


It seems these days that not one of the console manufacturers can keep a secret. With supposed “insiders” leaking tidbits left and right, many have come, and many have gone. One, however, still lurks in the trenches, touting his accuracy of “predictions”, so much that he has named his up and coming site akin to that of the most famous prophet the world has ever known.

Gamesblow is a name both loved and hated.  According to his now defunct twitter page, Gamesblow is set to launch his new website Gamestradomus sometime soon. Quite a bold name choice, as he is looking at himself in the same light as the famed prophet Nostradamus. All that’s left before the launch of his new site is the alleged green-light from Sony’s upper management.

Gamesblow isn’t just claiming to be an insider. He alleges that he works deep in the bowels of Sony R&D, and is privy to a variety of “top secret” information.  His claims include everything from a Sony/3rd party developer striking an exclusive deal, to claiming to have pictures of unannounced, unconfirmed games. Gamesblow, if the real deal, has a lot to offer the gaming community.


There are a few glaring questions left unanswered:

  • Why would Sony knowingly allow an employee to leak info?
  • Where does Gamesblow find time to run a website as well as R&D for Sony?
  • What exactly would his job title be at Sony?
  • How high is Gamesblow in the Sony food chain?
  • Who is Gamesblow?

Gamesblow, the self appointed #1 PlayStation sensation, known throughout all gaming forums including GameFaqs, official PlayStation forums, N4G, name it and he has trolled it. He claims 98% accuracy on his “predictions”.

Although Gamesblow hasn’t been right nearly 98% of the time, his most glaring mishaps include the Tears for Blood incident, as well as the more recent Lock and Key, which put even insomniacs to sleep. A broken clock works two times a day, and Gamesblow has been right on a few occasions. Tekken losing its PS3 exclusivity and becoming available for Xbox 360 comes to mind.

On his MySpace blog, he enjoyed a good following of people ready to soak up his “predictions”. The blog has long since been deleted, but remnants or copy/paste quotations of the past still roam the internet with the Gamesblow name/blog attached to it as the source of the info being spouted.

Digging deeper into the myth that is Gamesblow, a whois lookup of his new, upcoming website’s domain name revealed some interesting information. which is the site Gamesblow has been promoting for a sometime now is registered to a Sabian Greenly. As you can plainly see, the email address of the domain owner is Gamesblow’s email address.