Awesome iPhone App Puts Warhawk at Your Fingertips


The world of Warhawk is extremely competitive, with the game tracking hundreds of stats and displaying many of them for the world to see. But without a PS3 or PC, there’s no way to easily check up on those stats. Because of this, the site has put up an awesome iPhone App that allows even the most obsessive enthusiasts to stay on top of their worldwide ranking.

“With our Warhawk Leaderboard application, you can check up on the stats of the top players in the world, your friends, and/or clan members. The statistics application allows you to compare your performance against over a half-million players on the Playstation Network.

If you don’t provide a list of players, the statistics leaderboard will default to the top 15 players in the world. To manage your own list of players, press EDIT LIST and you can specify players by their Playstation Network (PSN) ID. By bookmarking the application, your rivals, friends, and foes are just a touch away.”

whiphone208x400-1You can download the app right here. And best of all, because this is a web application there’s no hacking or other trickery involved.