PS3 Review – Killzone 2: Steel & Titanium Map Pack


When Killzone 2 released in February, the online portion of the game was considered one of best. Developer Guerilla Games released the first round of downloadable content, but did it meet the high quality that the original maps put forth?

Retailing for $5.99, the Steel & Titanium map pack features two new maps for players to duke it out on. Vekta Cruiser puts players on an ISA cruiser, while Wasteland Bullet takes place on a freight train, where players have to continually dodge environmental obstacles. Wasteland Bullet does a good job of creating a very tense and hazardous environment, as players have to watch out for the enemy, as well as deadly obstacles. Thankfully, when a player either misses a jump, or gets hit by an object, a death will be added to the total count; however, no negative suicide points are handed out.


Vekta Cruiser is an exact recreation of the ISA Cruiser found within the Single Player. There are two floors, with a huge circular pathway found within the center of the map and long corridors stemming from multiple sides. The map is good for all game modes, as it offers some instances of tight, corridor shooting, while at the same time offering players the feeling of an open map.

On the other hand, Wasteland Bullet is modeled off of the Helghan Troop Train found within the Single Player. This is an interesting map, as players can jump between train cars, offering a new whole gameplay element. If you miss the jump or get hit by one of the high speed obstacles, you’re dead. Traversing the map is difficult, as the intense wind makes running a whole lot slower. This is somewhat annoying, because if you are trying to speed back to your home base, you’ll find the slow-paced running to be a real hassle.


The good thing about Wasteland Bullet is that it is hard to snipe. In fact, the environment in both maps make it hard for snipers to camp out and pick off unassuming targets. Another thing is that players cannot use aerial support in either map, as Vekta Cruiser takes place indoors and Wasteland Bullet is on a speeding train. This is great since players won’t always have to worry about shooting down annoying sentry bots, and can concentrate on the ongoing battle.

While each map offers a fresh, new environment, the DLC doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. No new gameplay modes, no new weapons, no new classes; absolutely nothing. Not to mention, two new maps for $6 is quite hefty, especially with no new gameplay features. However, for all the trophy hunters, you’ll find that the DLC brings 10 new, and incredibly easy, trophies for players to “try” and get. If you’re a hardcore Killzone 2 fan, you will probably enjoy most of what this map pack has to offer; otherwise, don’t waste your money on this one.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Map designs shut down snipers, and blocks usage of Sentry bots.

DLC pack brings nothing new to the table in terms of features or weapons.

A few easy trophies are included, but the price tag for two maps is way too high.

4 out of 10