Sony PSP: Adhoc Party Time, Excellent


Adhoc Party is yet another innnovative way the PSP connects to your PlayStation 3.  Adhoc Party uses your PS3 internet connection to extend the PSP’s reach to local-only mulitplayer games such as Final Fantasy: Dissidia, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.  Sony has been beta testing this service in Japan for near a year now, and is downloadable from Japanese PS Store.

Now Sony is showing signs of bringing this exciting service to the US. 

Sony has trademarked Adhoc Party covering “automatic operation transmitting of digital data in the nature of video game software”.  With the impending North American release of Final Fantasy Dissidia, and the success of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.  Now would be the time to unleash Adhoc Party to PSP owners.

Siliconera has put together a massive list of games that support Adhoc Party, check it out here.