Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Preview


Developer Vicarious Visions is making sure Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is doing everything that the previous title did, but better. There are more characters, better visuals, and various gameplay enhancements. The roster of characters include: Juggernaut, Songbird, and Hulk to name a few of the highlighted fan favorites. At least 24 characters will be available upon release. The events will all take place during the Civil War, providing the perfect backdrop for mayhem and teamwork.

Teamwork is a central theme of the gameplay. Fusion attacks can be used to eliminate several enemies at once or to take down powerful enemies in a hurry. There are over 250 unique fusions, which gives the abilities a great deal of variety with numerous unique animations. One of the more impressive Fusion attacks was Hulk tossing Wolverine at a helicopter.


Siding with Iron-Man or Captain America will impact your missions and the characters that are available in your game. This adds replayability and depth to the game. The title will support 4-player co-op offline and online. Game saving will be enabled for online based co-op games.