Digi-Guys Hasn’t Forgotten WarDevil


Ever since it’s unveiling at E3 2005, only a few screenshots have been released. Many have been speculating on the game’s status, and if it still is being developed by Digi-Guys.

There is a handful of evidence to support the game’s cancellation, including an outdated copyright on the game’s official website and a statement on the official website that states:

“More images, trailers & information will be released throughout 2008, before the all-new Wardevil site relaunches.”

However, the game’s publisher, Ignition Entertainment, also known for their work on King of Fighters XII, have recently released a revamped company website. Within it, one of the first game’s promoted is WarDevil, being tagged as “Coming Soon”. Does this mean that a release date, or at the very least, more information and media getting out?

WarDevil originally wowed audiences at E3 2005, as it was one of the first 1080p 60 frames per second games announced. Hopefully Digi-Guys can live up to those proclamations….whenever WarDevil releases.