PS3 Review – Quantum of Solace


Included in the online features are a  few Bond-based modes. Bond Evasion will have one player play as Bond with his team trying to help him make it to the exit; the other team on the other hand is trying to kill Bond at all costs. Then you have Bond Verses: one player plays as Bond, but this time everyone is trying to kill Bond while he attempts to disarm two out of three bombs within the level.

Lastly there is Golden Gun, which is probably one of the more hectic modes out there. The golden gun is a high powered, one hit kill weapon. Players will race to gain control of the gun, and from there it’s a complete slaughter fest. Golden Gun can be quite difficult, but it’s also a great variation of the famous Juggernaught mode. As you play online, you’ll acquire credits through kills and match wins. These credits can be used to buy new weapons, add-ons, and special abilities.  All of this simply enhances an ever-changing, fast paced, and exciting online multiplayer experience.

The few negatives in the game are that some areas can be overly difficult. My initial playthrough was rather simple until the last level, which for some reason had the difficulty level was ramped up significantly. The last level wasn’t horrible, just unexpected. The story, as mentioned above is decent, but the way that the two films were intertwined was a bit odd. You play four missions for Quantum of Solace, then in a flashback you play eight Casino Royale missions.  Then you go back and finish the Quantum of Solace missions.


Overall this game was a blast and the single player is fun enough, but the exceptional multiplayer experience is what will have you coming back for more. This may not be up there with the likes of Killzone 2 or Call of Duty 4, but it holds its own rather nicely.  This game is recommended, regardless of whether you are a Bond fan or not.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Good campaign mode, though the two films are juxtaposed in an odd manner.

Action scenes are exciting, but stealth is where the game really shines.

Fun multiplayer mode, with plenty of game types to choose from and a player progression system in place.

7 out of 10