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PSN Review – Inferno Pool


Inferno Pool is Dark Energy Digital’s first PlayStation Network title and represents a multifaceted approach to the classic game of billiards. Bringing a bit of Unreal Tournament attitude to the slate as well as some rock star pyrotechnic effects.  But, will this odd little PSN download help fill the void of a lack of summer games?

There are numerous features and modes included with the game.  There is the aptly titled Inferno Pool as well as the classic 8-ball, 9-ball and Practice.  Each mode can be played single player and 4 player multiplayer. Multiplayer can be played online or offline with friends or AI enabled bots. Kudos to Dark Energy Digital for adding local offline multiplayer.  It’s generally a feature that is often over looked even by larger studios.


Other options include table color and bot AI difficulty (from 1 to 5). The color makes no difference what so ever accept maybe see the ball colors better on certain tables.  Artificial intelligence settings present quite a bell curve.  The lower levels being fairly easy and the upper levels have intuition just short of flawless. Using the lowest AI setting of 1 (novice) will give you the advantage of showing the ball trajectory.


The game in general is not hard to look at, visually this is probably one of the better looking games of Pool available.  Framerate is solid and the camera offers various views to assist in precision shots. To no surprise 8 Ball and 9 Ball play very much like the classic games. Very faithful but with the Inferno Pool ambiance and backdrop.