Trophy Guide – Shatter


Shatter, the latest game from developer Sidhe, exclusive to the PlayStation Network takes classic Arkanoid style brick-breaking to the next level. The game features 18 trophies, consisting of 12 Bronze, 3 Silver, and 3 Hidden trophies. We have the tips, and tricks to help you unlock all 18 trophies…

Balls Galore (Bronze)Launch multiple balls into play.

– After you’ve launched the first ball, simply press x to launch more balls into play.

Storm Warning (Bronze) Trigger a Shard Storm.

– After you’ve filled up your meter, press Triangle to release a Shard Storm.

Kinetic Harvest (Bronze)Complete world 1 in Story Mode.

Complete world 1 in Story Mode.

Aurora (Bronze) – Complete world 2 in Story Mode.

Complete world 2 in Story Mode.

Granule Extractor (Bronze) – Complete world 3 in Story Mode.

Complete world 3 in Story Mode.

Krypton Garden  (Bronze) – Complete world 4 in Story Mode.

Complete world 4 in Story Mode.

Freon  (Bronze) – Complete world 5 in Story Mode.

Complete world 5 in Story Mode.

Amethyst Caverns  (Bronze) – Complete world 6 in Story Mode.

Complete world 6 in Story Mode.

Neon Mines  (Bronze) – Complete world 7 in Story Mode.

Complete world 7 in Story Mode.

Argon Refinery  (Bronze) – Complete world 8 in Story Mode.

Complete world 8 in Story Mode.

Xenon Homeworld  (Bronze) – Complete world 9 in Story Mode.

Complete world 9 in Story Mode.

The End of the World  (Silver) – Complete world 10 in Story Mode.

Complete world 10 in Story Mode.

Overkill (Hidden) – Destroy the last brick with a Shard Storm.

Fill your shard meter by collecting Shard Fragments.  Save your filled meter until you have destroyed all but one remaining brick.  Then unleash a Shard Storm by press Triangle.

Shardenfreude (Hidden) – Collect 95% of all fragments on any wave.

Destroying bricks causes fragments to appear.  Pressing L1 (or L2) causes your ‘bat’ to suck the fragments in.   Destroy all bricks in any wave, making sure to suck them all in.  Do NOT let any bricks fall past your ship as they disappear without being destroyed.  Which in turn prevents the bricks from releasing shard fragments.

Old School (Hidden) Complete a wave without using Blow, Suck, of Shard Storm.

– Destroy all bricks in a wave classic Arkanoid style, by bouncing the ball back and fourth between the bricks and the bat.  Do NOT press L1, L2, R1, R2, or Triangle during the wave.

Master Batter (Silver)Complete the entire game in a single game session without using a continue.

– Finish the entire story mode in one playthrough without using a continue.  Play through the entire game, saving as many lives as possible.  So there is less of a chance of you running out of lives, and having to continue.

The Boss (Silver)Defeat Boss Rush Mode in under 10 minutes.

– Defeat all bosses in Boss Rush Mode consecutively in under 10 minutes.  Follow the below strategy, and you’ll defeat bosses 1-7 in roughly 30 seconds a piece, bosses 8, 9, 10 require a bit of luck to finish in a timely fashion.

  • Bosss: Release all balls at once, continuously use the suck control to pull in the fragments, release any extra balls as soon as you get them, use Shard Storm as it’s available from sucking in shard fragments.
  • Blocktopus: Release all balls. Constantly use Blow which will hopefully steer the balls into the weak point.. Shard Storm works great, but must be aimed just above the head to hit properly.
  • Clock O Block: Release no more than 2 balls at a time, break the barrier and try to have your ball within his barrier, when the boss switches to the unbreakable barrier. Use Shard Storm as you get it, but it’s not as effective as previous bosses.
  • Bad Bat: Release at least 2 balls, try to keep them on opposite sides of the field to keep his defenses away. Use Shard Storm as you get it.  I suggest using Suck as your ball heads toward the boss, to bank it off the wall, then use Blow to send the ball past the boss.  Maneuveraball works well.
  • Cold Shoulder: Use Blow to turn the boss’ defense up until it’s weak spot appears, then release the first ball to hit him.  Whenever his weak spot is exposed, release a new ball to attack him quickly, he’ll usually drop an extra life if your lives are low enough. Save your Shard Storm for the next boss.
  • Death Blossom: Release 2 balls, wear down his defenses and release any extra balls when his first set of barriers is destroyed. Use Blow consistantly to keep your balls closer to the boss, allowing for more of chance for a hit.
  • Over Reactor: Suck the bosses shield down.  Launch your ball after the shield is down for the first time, and use Blow or Suck to hit the weak spot.  Keep using suck to lock the shield down.  Once the shield is locked, if you have an extra ball, release it on the opposite side of the screen, then move towards him and use suck to pull it over the boss’ top, you have to aim a little to hit the weak spot but this makes it easier. Don’t bother using Shard Storm, save it for the next boss.
  • Electric Avenue: Release one ball on the left, one on the right, try to knock down all the plugs ASAP. As soon as the shield is down, release every spare ball you have and use your Shard Storm while Blowing. You can take out this boss in one or two times using this strategy.
  • Xenon Queen: Release 2 balls, constantly Blow towards the targets. Get Unstoppaball if it drops as it will go right through the purple blobs. Aim for the center when it is open, use Suck to help aim it toward the center weak point. Once his health is low, the boss will use a laser.  This is the best time to perform a Shard Storm as the center is open longer during this period.  Pay attention to the balls in play.  Collect as many extra lives as possible.
  • Bad Bat is Back: Release 2 balls, one on top, one on bottom, try to push one of them past him by constantly blowing and bouncing the balls at him. If it hits his wall, he is paralyzed and your ball returns to stock, aim it at his weak point. When he opens up to fire is the best time to use Shard Storm, especially when his health is low and he’s about to use the laser.

Fringe Benefit (Bronze)Get a score of 10,000,000 in Bonus Mode.

– Get a total of 10,000,000 or more in Bonus Mode.  Try to score as many points as possible in the first two rounds, as the 3rd round is the most difficult to score points.