Insomniac Loves Sony, Wants to Go Steady for Now


The subject of whether a game’s potential is hindered by exclusivity is open for debate, but with billions of dollars out there for the taking, it’s no wonder so many game developers opt for producing multi-platform titles. Not only can a developer potentially cover the ever increasing costs of development and maximize profits by releasing their game to more than one console, but doing so also allows… um… ahem, well I guess that’s it. However, not all developers feel the same.

After nearly thirteen years of developing games highlighting the potential of PlayStation hardware, Insomniac Games has come to learn that when it comes to building and maintaining a healthy relationship, looks money isn’t everything.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Insomniac Games’ Director of Marketing and Communications, Ryan Schneider, was asked if the Burbank based developer ever thinks about the kind of cash they could bring in as a result of going multi-platform.

“Sure, as an independent developer, you do consider those options – but at the same time we do have a great relationship with Sony. We’ve been with Sony for a long, long time now, and that’s where we intend to stay for the foreseeable future. ”

Ok, we get it. You guys are in love. But what exactly does Insomniac see in Sony?

“Sony bends over backwards to work with its development teams. Their product development team is second to none – we absolutely love working with them. Their PR and marketing folks are terrific to work with and very dedicated to the cause, and there are some very creative people there. We feel very fortunate to have that sort of relationship in place.”

On the issue of whether Insomniac is satisfied with the PS3‘s current  installed base, Schneider downplayed their influence on hardware sales while emphasizing the role they play as developers and their position in the console wars.

“All we try to do as content creators is just try to make the best games we can and let the hardware battle settle out where it may.”

There’s still no word on any plans for duo’s 13th anniversary later this year (proposal?), but if there’s anything we can take from this interview, as well as Sony’s penchant for building great relationships with their developers, it’s that Insomniac won’t be calling Nintendo  or Microsoft anytime soon.