NHL 2K10 Looking to Wow Players


2k Sports is looking to redefine the Hockey genre with their upcoming game, NHL 2k10. The focus of this year’s game is the interweaving of gameplay with social gaming, allowing players the opportunity to upload their offline franchise stats, screenshots and game highlights onto 2kSports.com.

Furthermore, 2k Sports wants to ensure a completely authentic experience, as they completely rewrote the opponent AI, changed the defensive controls and stick lifts, and, “new defensive skating model and new incidental contact and small animation systems.”

Full list of notable upgrades:

  • New Gameplay Mechanics – Completely rewritten AI, enhanced defensive controls and stick lifts, stumble shots, a new defensive skating model, and new incidental contact and small animation systems.
  • Enhanced Presentation – All-new rink intros for each arena, improved goal celebrations, enhanced visuals, and greatly improved, true-to-life character models, with San Jose Sharks commentators Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda returning with new broadcast commentary.
  • Improved Franchise Mode – NHL 2K10 features a new contract/free agency system, improved roster management, an updated financial model, dynamic player progression, and fantasy drafts.
  • New Franchise Co-op Play – Play a franchise season game with or against a friend on- or offline, or play a traditional game against the CPU.
  • Franchise Blog / 2KSports.com Integration – Publish your franchise stats and standings, and upload game highlights and screenshots to your personal page at 2KSports.com.
  • Enhanced Online Modes – New seamless online integration connects players in Team Up games, tracks your progress with My Player Card, and offers full league, leaderboard, tournament and 2K Share support.
  • Create Team Mode – Create a persistent team with friends by designing your uniforms, developing a unique team identity, and then competing against other created teams online, offline and in Franchise mode.

NHL 2k10 is skating its way to the PS3 and the PS2 September 15th.