Battlefield 1943 Getting Battle Scars Repaired


EA’s Battlefield 1943 was released almost exactly a month ago to this day, and by now most Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners have had a chance to experience what the $15 downloadable game offers. However, the game is still ridden with issues ranging from voice chat problems to the game switching people from your private squad to the other team. Thankfully the Battlefield 1943 Producer, Gordon Van Dyke, has made a public post on the UK Electronic Arts forum regarding his team’s efforts to fix these issues.

On the EA forum Gordon Van Dyke stated:

“I want to start by saying the threads of lies that I’m not around are just that, lies! I’m still around chasing issues even while on vacation and if you posted one of these threads you were a bit out of line for doing so. And those saying I left right away, I stayed after the game released with almost zero sleep fixing the major issues we could and still working on the Mic issue which ISN’T just on our end and needs working with Sony to help resolve!

If you have lag (Not including APAC which we’re working on, not an easy network you have over there!) it really is most likely on you end or your ISP. We can’t fix that no matter how much we wish we could. Point is I’m still here!

Current Status on some pending issues

*PS3 Mic – Nothing much changed and it is very hard to get logs or this to pass onto Sony, but it is a priority.

*AOL UK – Things are looking promising and a possible resolution may come next week. Don’t stop contacting them though as you are their reason to resolve this.

*Sydney Servers for Xbox 360 – Our match making system is not connecting players to the servers and this is being worked on as a priority by our Online team. This is not a simple problem, but is a priority for them.

That is all for now and I hope most of you can understand (a lot of you already do) not everything is a simple fix and sometimes for better or worse it takes time to weed out and resolve.”

Although the upcoming patch won’t fix a few of the issues the game suffers from, the voice chat issue being fixed is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully the patch comes soon so people can start communicating with their friends online without any hitches.