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Brutal Legend is Full of Potty-Mouths

August 16, 2009Written by Kyle P.


Speaking in a recent interview, legendary game designer Tim Schafer talked about his upcoming game, Brutal Legend, and more specifically, the voice actors of his game. It has been widely known that Jack Black and Ozzy Osbourne have significant roles in the game.

With the combination of Black’s comedic genius and Osbourne’s wacky out-there personality, this is a recipe for a great game. Schafer reveals that Black would, “read a line over and over to get the feel” then he would begin, “goofing off”, which is what the team “ended up using”.

Schafer then went on to say that legendary potty-mouth Osbourne, “swore more than was scripted”. We here at PlayStation LifeStyle wonder how much of that will remain in the final script. Schafer concluded by saying that Brutal Legend will be a game for everyone, not just for metal/heavy rock devotees.

“You don’t have to be a pirate to love Monkey Island, you don’t have to be a metal-head to play Brutal Legend.”