Sony GamesCom Document Reveals New PS3


According to the document we just received, Sony has an unannounced PS3 product that is to be revealed during the Sony GamesCom Press Conference tomorrow.

The conference which is to be presented by Kaz Hirai and Andrew House, lists the following during the presentation:

2 x PlayStation 3 TOOL

1 x PlayStation 3 (Unannounced Product / Discretion advised by Client)

2 x PSPGo!

  • 1 x White
  • 1 x Black

2 x PlayStation EYE Camera (NOTE: Is not a Video Camera for recording Presentation, no fee required)

Since the unannounced PS3 is listed with the rest of the hardware, it’s suggesting that  it’s some type of new PS3 SKU. Then again, this was sent in as by a tipster so we cannot confirm the validity of the document especially when the document has the incorrect date of 18/09/2009. However the tipster mentions that this is “100% legit” from a GamesCom employee.

We will find out tomorrow, stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for our GamesCom coverage.


Thanks to smeg orz for the tip!