The Beatles: Rock Band DLC Not So Exclusive to Xbox


Is everyone ready for The Beatles Rock Band to grace us on September 9th? As many of you know, I work for a major electronics retailer here on the West coast. We had our Microsoft rep pop in to update our Xbox kiosk (Sony does the same) and dropped off some Beatles: Rock Band displays. Standard procedure and all, but I happened to notice something odd regarding one of the Beatles top songs “All You Need Is Love,” which is considered Xbox 360 exclusive DLC



So if you were bitter about MS was getting one of the Beatles’ classics, don’t worry. It’ll be on PS3 either right before Christmas, or in early 2010 for PS3 and Wii. I love how Microsoft NEVER said that they had a “timed exclusivity contract” on the DLC song, and instead chose to say that it was “Xbox 360 Exclusive”. But it wouldn’t be the first time.