PS3 Slim: How Sony Destroyed the Playing Field


Now that all three consoles are within $50 of each other, the question for consumers is not “Can I really afford this console?”, but rather “Does this console fulfill my needs?”. The recent rise of Blu-ray high definition movies and popularity of HDTVs is an important factor, as is the fact that broadband internet connections are becoming standard amongst households in developed countries. Every console manufacturer understandably states that they have the best hardware available, but we felt compelled to lay out the features for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii in an easy-to-read chart.


Which console has the most desirable software library is a completely subjective argument, so we’ll let you, the reader, decide that for yourself. But it’s impossible to deny that PS3 offers the most bang for your buck. It has features that no other console offers right out of the box. And though other console manufacturers may offer add-ons or annual subscription fees to give their console certain features, the fact is that these extra knocks on your wallet do add up.

We commend Sony for working so hard to make the $300 PS3 Slim possible, and within such a short time frame. Though the PS3 still has the smallest userbase, its userbase of 24 million owners is by no means small. And with the 360’s userbase only 6 million units ahead, third party publishers have become increasingly more platform agnostic, ensuring that gamers receive an equal level of quality, regardless of which platform they choose. The staff here at PlayStation LifeStyle can’t wait to see what the future brings, for both game developers and gamers throughout the world.