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Grand Opening of Xbox LifeStyle


PlayStation LifeStyle has always been about unbiased PlayStation News, Rumors, Reviews, Trophies, and Community. That won’t ever change. But because we are unbiased, and enjoy all gaming consoles we are proud to launch our sister site, Xbox LifeStyle.

With Xbox LifeStyle, you can expect the same up-to-date news coverage, compelling reviews, and flourishing community you already enjoy here at PlayStation LifeStyle, just Xbox focused.

We created Xbox LifeStyle as a separate site, and separate entity because we didn’t want to force Xbox related content onto our loyal PlayStation LifeStyle community.  So you won’t be seeing Xbox news on your favorite PlayStation site, ever.

If you are an owner of both consoles, or thinking about making the “Jump In” to the Xbox 360, come on over to Xbox LifeStyle and register today! Also Xbox LifeStyle is currently running a contest where you can win MS Points, which you can use to download games, movies, and more.

Fret not loyal PSLS readers, just because we are branching out to the Xbox 360, doesn’t mean our support for PlayStation LifeStyle will change. You will still be getting the same steady stream of content we have always provided. And to prove our unwavering support to our long-time, loyal PSLS readers, we are giving away a $20 PSN card.

Here is how to enter:

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • You must have a valid US PSN Account (This is a US-only PSN value card).
  • You must comment below and tell us why PlayStation LifeStyle is your favorite PS-related website.

Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, September 4th and will be announced here on PlayStation LifeStyle.

Don’t forget, you can also enter the Xbox LifeStyle MS Points Giveaway as well by registering at Xbox LifeStyle.