New 3D Dot Game Heroes Screenshots get Blocked

Image Courtesy of Dengeki
Image Courtesy of Dengeki

With a dragon slain and the world saved, the people of this great land grow bored and unhappy of their 2D world .  Wanting to bring happiness back to his people, the King decides to transform the world into 3D, and that is where the quest begins. This is the ambitious premise behind 3D Dot Game Heroes, the RPG built on blocks from developer Silicon Studios.

Details are scant on this mystery RPG for the PlayStation 3, the basic plot and ability to create your own hero is all that is known.  However new screenshots have just been emerged to show us more of this colorful world, which seems to bear a striking resemblance to Nintendo’s Zelda.

3D Dot Game Heroes is set to release in Japan on November 5th, with no word yet on if the game will make it outside of Japan.