PS3 Review – Bannco FRAGnStein Controller


Shooters generally attract a competitive bunch. Between the trash talk and bragging rights players often use any means necessary to get a competitive edge. Bannco’s FRAGnStein presents an intriguing option for the console gamer that takes their shooting seriously. PC gamers have lauded the use of the mouse since the first shooters started appearing on consoles. PlayStation LifeStyle runs the FRAGnStein through a shooting decathlon and the results are impressive.

This controller will not make you a shooter whiz overnight. Tweaking will be required as each game tends to track the look mechanism differently. Bannco will be supporting the controller through a configuration application as well as firmware and driver updates.  Firmware updates can be loaded via your PC using the USB dongle.


The mouse is very smooth the buttons are easy to get to albeit slightly stiff when fresh out of the box.  This is especially true for the scroll button when you push down (R3).  This can be a little frustrating for melees in game, but the button does wear in well.  The scroll wheel also functions to look around.  Scrolling up, down as well as pivoting left and right will move the reticule accordingly.

A function button can be pressed and held while the scroll wheel is rotated to adjust the hardware sensitivity.  Making things too sensitive causes the mouse to lose some aim fidelity and becomes “jumpy” if taken to an extreme. Experimenting with this feature as well as in game look sensitivity is a surefire way to boost the effectiveness.

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