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Update: The Down-Low on What to Download 09/14/09

Welcome everyone to the Down-Low on what to Download. This past Thursday, the US store received three PS3 demos Katamari Forever, Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled and one PSP demo Half-Minute Hero. The EU store also got four PS3 demos FIFA 10, Fat Princess, Little Big Planet and Katamari Forever.

Katamari Forever


Katamari Forever is the first Katamari game to appear on the PS3. If you played the first one you know what to expect if not then the concept of the game is to roll a ball that collect’s junk laying around. The bigger the ball gets the bigger the objects you can pick up. At the end of each round your are judged on the size of the junk ball, and then given a score. The demo also offers another level that will have you pushing around a ball through a desert. You must push the ball into water  in order to make it wet so that you can bring life to the desert. You are given a certain amount of land to hydrate, and at the end will also be graded.

This demo is just as goofy and fun loving as the original. The staff was split on this game and what it really boiled down to is if you liked the first one this game is more of the same, and if you didn’t like the first one then this will do nothing to change your mind. If you have never played the first one then this one is a must download just to experience the game. It may not be for everyone, but the demo is worth a shot.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes


The demo is made up of two different levels. One you play as the Jedi and the other as the republic. Each level is about 10 minutes long and are used mostly as a tutorial. The republic level is on a fighter that is under attack you must make your way through the ship fighting enemies in order to make it to an escape pod. The Jedi level is on the ground and you play as Anakin you battle some androids and even control a few. Each levels layout’s are very linear and the gameplay is pretty basic.

Overall this demo was a pretty big let down. The combat is rather shallow and overall seems uninspiring. Sure Star Wars fans may like this and if your a fan of the movie or animated series, but it really does not do anything to separate it from other games and you won’t be missing much if you pass on this.

TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled


The demo is made up of one level you can choose any of the turtles and may also play through it cooperatively. The level is only 10 or so minutes long and will have you pretty much button mashing all the way through it.

The game itself is a lot of fun and for the most part the staff really enjoyed it. It really brought back the nostalgia of the original, but the gameplay definitely seems dated. The demo is worth a try and if your thinking about buying the full game be sure to check out our review.

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