Trophy Guide – Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy With Chance

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs has 26 trophies to collect.

(1 Platinum, 5 Gold, 14 Silver, 6 Bronze)

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Unlock all the trophies.

-Unlock all trophies.

Max Food’ onaut (Silver): Complete 1st Act.

-There are a total of 6 acts.  Each act has anywhere from 2-5 levels.  Just complete all of Act 1 to get the trophy.

 Rockin Roller (Bronze): Clear Bridge for OOS.

-In one of the levels in the first act you will have to clear a bridge for you to get acroos with athe OOS.  It looks like a street sweeper truck.  This is story related and can’t be missed.

Licked it (Bronze): 1st time kill an enemy.

-Kill an enemy.

Party of Two (Bronze): Play coop mission.

-Play a level in co-op.

Foodnik (Bronze):1st time get an upgrade.

-To get an upgrade you will have to accumulate a certain number of points while playing through levels.  I am not sure on the points needed for each upgrade.  If you kill everything in the level you will get an upgrade after almost every level.

Castle Master (Silver): 1st time play in the jelly mold.

-In Act 3 there is a level called “The Jelly castle”.  All you have to do is play the level and you will get this trophy.

Buck the BBQ (Silver): Going to the FLDSMDFR.

-In the very last act you will have to go find the FLDSMDFR.  This is story related and can’t be missed.

Hungryman (Silver): 1st time get the Blueprint piece.

-If you collect all of the Hydronic Foodpods in a level then you will unlock a Blueprint piece for that level.  Do this once and you will get the trophy.

Pasta Power (Silver): 30 times using the spaghetti rope.

-Throughout the game you will have to use the FORK-like weapon to grab onto spaghetti ropes to advance further in the level.  Do this 30 times and you will get the trophy.

Bread Head (Silver): 30 times using the bread to climb.

-Throughout the game you will have to shoot honey onto slices of bread to climb up them in order to advance in the level.  Do this 30 times to get the trophy.

Slurpdaddy (Silver): Pumped 50 drops.

-On certain levels you will have a weapon that looks like a vacuum.  You use it to pump drops of various liquids from the ground to use throughout the levels.  Do this 50 times to get the trophy.

Yummer (Silver): Get 20 life points.

-Life points are red balls that are scattered throughout the game.  They will restore some of your health if you have been wounded.  collect 20 of them to get the trophy.

Grub Drubber (Silver): Clear 5 levels with full HP at the end.

-Finish 5 different levels with full health to get this trophy.

Chick Nixxer (Silver): Make 10 roasted chickens fall on ground.

-Later in the game you will come across Roasted chickens who will attack you.  you will need to attack them until they fall on their backs on the ground.  Repeat this 10 times for the trophy.

Bear Buster (Silver):Kill 25 gummies by heating.

-Kill 25 gummy bears with fire from your heat gun.

Sugar Slayer (Silver): Kill 25 Marshmallows by cutting.

-Kill 25 marshmallows with your knife.

Mr. Twister (Silver): Kill 10 spaghetti tornado by using pick.

-Kill 10 spaghetti tornado’s with your FORK-like weapon.

Tour de Fork! (Gold):Finish the game walk through.

-You will get this trophy after you beat the final boss.

Ultra Foodnik (Gold): Get all upgrades.

-Collect all of the upgrades in the game.  I had around 100,000 total points when I unlocked the final upgrade.

Ultra Food’ onaut (Gold): Finish Game with Final Ending.

-After you get the Tour de Fork! trophy you will have to escape.  After you escape the game will be over and the credits will roll.  You will get this trophy while the credits are rolling.

Dishin’ Out (Gold):Destroy all the Hydronic Foodpods in the game.

-Caollect all Hydronic Foodpods in the game.  You will get this as soon as you collect the last one.

Unmunchable (Gold):Kill 500 foods (NPC+Door+HydronicFoodpod) in the game.

-Kill everything insight and you should have this around the middle of the game.

HYDRONIC FOODPOD (Bronze):1st time get the Hydronic Foodpods.

-Hydronic Foodpods are different types of food scattered throughout each level.  You will have to destroy it in order to collect it. You can check which type you need and how many on the pause screen.  Collect your first Hydronic Foodpod to get the trophy.

Chow Hound (Silver):100 Hydronic Foodpods destroyed.

-Collect 100 Hydronic Foodpods.  This will come after a few levels if you collect all of them in each level.

Food’ onaut (Bronze): Complete 1st mission.

-Complete the first mission of the game.