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Gran Turismo PSP Takes the Wheel on your TV


Now that Gran Turismo PSP has hit store shelves, it’s time for fans of the portable racing simulator to start unlocking all 800 vehicles the game has to offer. But if the DualShock 3 on the Go isn’t working out so well, there might be a more comforting solution for gamers looking towards grinding for hours on end.

YouTube user RacerS2 rigged his hacked PSP-1000 to enable compatibility to his Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel. See for yourself in the video below:


While PlayStation LifeStyle does not condone hacking, here are the details of the setup:

Hardware Used

  • Dell PC P4 2.8Ghz – nVidia Quadro FX500/600
  • Dell 22″ Monitor
  • Logitech Driving Force Pro @ 200 degrees Combined Pedals
  • PSP 1001 5.50 GEN-B

Software Used:

  • RemoteJoyLite 0.20
  • Yoshihiro’s 5.55 & 6.00 games decrypter
  • UMDGen 4.00

Since the setup requires a hacked PSP, it will be difficult for new owners to obtain a PSP-1000 with downgraded firmware. However, for those mischievous enough to do so, the possibility is there.