Fallout 3’s Price Gets Nuked


Even though Fallout 3 was released just about one year ago on October 28, 2009, interest surrounding the game is at an all-time high thanks to a plethora of add-on DLC, and a Game of the Year re-release. To help clear out remaining stock of the original, non-GOTY edition of Fallout 3, one major online retailer has given the critically acclaimed game an atomic price drop.

As part of Amazon.com’s Deal of the Day, Fallout 3’s price has been reduced to $19.98. Although if you want the entire Fallout 3 experience, DLC and all. You’re best bet is to just go ahead and pick up the Game of the Year Edition for $56.99 as it comes with all the DLC on the disc.

There are 5 DLC packs available for Fallout 3 in total, each one priced at $9.99. Add each one to the price of the original version of Fallout 3, and you can plainly see the better deal is the Game of the Year Edition.

However if you haven’t tried Fallout 3 yet, and aren’t even sure you want to play the addition content, then today’s deal is for you.