Patch 2.10 Racing to WipEout HD

October 30, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Advertising now not so cumbersome!

Advertising now not so cumbersome!

WipEout HD burst onto the PlayStation Network in September 2008, and it has received a few updates as well as the Fury expansion pack since its release. When the 2.00 version of the game came out, it introduced in-game advertising, something that was received with hesitation and also caused much lengthier load times.


The newest update, 2.10, looks to fix these issues. First, it “makes some small improvements to front-end functionality and addresses some minor issues with the audio.” In addition, the patch will make it so that advertisements on loading screens do not hinder gameplay or loading times. A European advertising campaign has already been planned, while there are no announced plans for North America (chances are they are coming however). When the patch goes live sometime soon, at first only PlayStation-specific advertisement will be shown, and then traditional advertisements will begin. Assuming the new advertisements really do not hinder the game, then they do not appear to be doing any harm but reception to them will likely be lukewarm at best.