PS3 Review – Fallout 3: The Pitt

October 30, 2009Written by Dan Massi


The second DLC pack from the world of Fallout 3, The Pitt, may have been one of the most interesting of the five DLC packs. The downloadable content is set in a destroyed Pittsburgh plagued with disease and awful creatures. Does the DLC rise above the rest? Or does it does it fall into the pit?

Simply put, The Pitt is the worst of the DLC available. The Pitt is set in a gloomy, devastated city, and it certainly sets the mood for the player. Characters in this optional add-on pack were awful, from monotone to just plain boring. Only a few characters manage to stand out, while others feel like robots. The DLC does add some new stuff, but not much. There is a new enemy that can be easily taken care of, and a new weapon that isn’t much different from another.

The plot is interesting, at least. The Pitt is filled with slaves which the player can either choose to save, or not. The story develops into a that of a disease which is taking over The Pitt. Players will find that the cure takes a surprising form, and may find themselves unsure of what to do when they find it. fallout

The sound is alright, giving off an industrial, junkyard feel. There are the sounds of blades against steel, etc. Voice acting is stiff and robotic, like most of the voice work in Fallout 3. Most characters do not feel alive at all.

The add-on is incredibly short as well, and it takes only about 2 hours to run through it. There are only three important quests to do. Compared to the other DLC, the time spent here seems quite wasted.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Terrible voice acting; robotic characters

The devastated world of The Pitt is great location for Fallout 3

The DLC is incredibly short, and pales in comparison to the other DLC

5 out of 10