Rocksteady Riddles Us More Time in Arkham Asylum

October 31, 2009Written by Kyle P.


When Batman: Arkham Asylum released a few months ago, it was hailed as finally being the great comic book-inspired video game. With no word or confirmation of a sequel by developer Rocksteady, many gamers are wondering about the future of the caped crusader. However, a snippet of an interview in the latest edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine may settle some of the worries.

When Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill answered a question posed to him, regarding a possible sequel of Arkham Asylum, he replied:

“I’m not really allowed to comment on that, but there are definitely lots of exciting stories to tell in Batman’s world, and I can say that we’re really privileged to work on it, and excited about future possibilities.”

If Rocksteady was to make a new Batman game, where should it take place? Instead of inside the tight walls of an aslyum, should the game move to Gotham City? Post your thoughts in the comments section below. Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we’ll bring you all the latest news regarding Batman’s newest adventure.