Rumored PS Store Content for 11-05-09


This week we’ll be getting 2 confirmed full games in the PlayStation Store, with the possibility of one more that’s rumored. LittleBigPlanet is celebrating it’s birthday by giving out a free Birthday Cake costume for Sackboy. Other than that expect the usual Rock Band stuff. We’ve got a few exciting things in our rumored section, but sadly chances are looking slim this week.


Numblast Numblast

Military-Madness-Nectaris Military Madness: Nectaris

LBP-BdayCake LittleBigPlanet DLC – Birthday Cake Costume

psp-minis PSP Minis

rock-band Rock Band DLC

  • Foo Fighters – “Best of You”
  • Foo Fighters – “The Pretender”
  • Foo Fighters – “Wheels”
  • Foo Fighters – “Word Forward”
  • Nirvana – “About a Girl”
  • Nirvana – “Blew”
  • Nirvana – “School”
  • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – “Fake Friends”

Rock Band Unplugged Rock Band Unplugged

  • Bullet For My Valentine – “Waking the Demon”
  • System of a Down – “Toxicity”

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