Furnish Your Home With White Knight Chronicles


White Knight Chronicles, an RPG from developer Level 5 received a new patch today in Japan that added very cool features that will be big when it hits in North America sometime in 2010.

The first feature added was voice-chat while online, which over here is a huge need.  The big update added is the inclusion of PlayStation Home rewards for completing in-game quests.  By completing these quests you will unlock clothes and accessories for your Home Avatar.  This is a great way of using a reward similar and the popularity of PlayStation Home to possibly push a few more copies. In addition there were balancing issues and other fixes that were handled with this update.

All of these updates will be on the disk when the game makes its debut out west next year.  If however you cannot wait for that and you don’t mind reading a ton of Japanese then you can head on over to PlayAsia and purchase White Knight Chronicles EX Edition for around $45.