PSP Review – Creature Defense

Creature Defense is a tower defense game with card game mechanics.  Developed by Hudson Entertainment, a subsidiary of Hudson Soft, the game attempts to wrap this odd concoction into an intriguing title.  Is the fusion successful, or are some things better left undone?


Creature defense puts you in command of a deck of cards with one mission in mind: eliminate anything that is trying to get at your castle.  It is your basic tower defense game, but with card game elements woven in.  You begin the game with a basic tutorial which explains how to place troops, card attributes, maps, etc.  After this brief tutorial, you are given your first stage to battle in.  Each stage in the game gives you 3 different phases, a time attack and 2 mystery modes.

Once you take the step into your first phase, you are greeted with a basic set of 5 cards which you can swap out later on.  Each card has an attribute, range of attack, type of attack, and speed that will help you decide which to play.  The attributes are Fire, Water, Forest, Dark and Light.  Fire is good against Forest, Forest against Water and Water against Fire.  Dark and Light are good against each other.  There are over 50 different cards to unlock during the game, plus an extra 3 from the Eye of Judgement set.  Additionally, not all cards can attack land units, which you must take into account.

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