Guitar Hero Subscription Fee Could Be in the Works

How much could it cost?

How much could it cost?

Activision let slip that they are looking into charging players for their online services. One possibility may involve Guitar Hero, and it actually sounds like something gamers could get behind.

Red Octane, the company behind all those plastic band peripherals everyone loves to play fake band with, says it is interested in creating such a subscription service with Activision. Kai Huang, Red Octane’s founder, stated that it is “definitely one of the things we would love to do. There are a lot of issues around music licensing. Consumers want it; I know I want it. We’re trying to make that happen.”

So instead of purchasing tracks and so-called Track Packs, users would ideally be able to download all DLC provided they are paying their monthly dues. What do you think? Is this the next big step for rhythm games, or a horrible idea that should never be implemented?