PlayStation 3 Bundles Become Holiday’s Hottest Seller


This week has been a great week for gamers and entertainment fans alike with the unbelievable deals of hardware, games and accessories. Only yesterday it was revealed that BestBuy, GameStop and other large retailers were going to provide the PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB model with 2 games or more for the standard price of $299. As expected, sales of the exclusive Black Friday bundles have been staggering as consumers across the country rush to get their hands on Sony’s next-generation platform.

The exclusive PlayStation 3 Black Friday bundles have officially sold out nationwide. Amazon, BestBuy, GameStop and Walmart are all reporting a total sellout both online and in-store as well. It only took roughly 8 hours for the bundles to sell out, and while a few remote retailers might still have a few bundles available, the future looks grim for anyone who is interested in picking up a bundle and hasn’t already.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 console has managed to sell record numbers worldwide since the official Slim announcement back in August this year. With the PlayStation 3 Slim once again on the top of the hot seller list of, this holiday season is already looking to be an outstanding success for Sony.