PSN Review – Comet Crash

Comet Crash

Comet Crash is yet another tower defense game to come to the PSN. Well known games like Pixeljunk Monsters and Savage Moon have received plenty of praise, so is there room for another one, or will Comet Crash simply get lost in the crowd? Find out in our in-depth review.

Comet Crash is like most typical tower defense games; you must create towers to destroy incoming enemies. Placement and using resources wisely is key to gaining the victory. You control a ship which you can fly around the battlefield and use to create new towers as well as upgrade the towers you do have on the battlefield. The first few levels are rather easy, with only a few towers to choose from and only a couple of basic enemy units. As you proceed through the game, however, the enemies will get harder, but you will also receive more powerful towers, and this is where the fun really begins. Trying to decide what towers work where and how to lay out the battlefield is really what makes a good tower defense game, and Comet Crash does it right. The early levels do such a good job at holding your hand, that when it is time to take on the harder  levels, it really is a lot of fun instead of being overly frustrating.


Throughout each round, you must collect Thorium, which is your main resource and is used to create towers. This is collected from flying rocks which you can grab with R2 and carry over to your towers to harvest. This is an easy yet effective way of adding another layer of gameplay to each mission.

What really makes Comet Crash different from the other tower defense games is that not only are you trying to defend your base, but you are also trying to attack your enemy’s base. Instead of having the enemies come from off screen like other tower defense games, your enemies will have a base as well as some of their own towers to defend it. You must build barrack type structures that create basic and special ops. Your basic ops is your main infantry, starting with the quick but lightly armored scouts, and moving up to the more durable tanks. Your special ops are your more specialized infantry; they are usually used for helping to defend your base by blocking pathways or turning enemies into allies. Ultimately, how you decide to use and deploy each unit is what really adds to the fun factor and really is what helps set this game apart from the other tower defense games.

Comet Crash also has a some local multi-player added in. You and up to two friends can play through the main campaign, each having your own base. The enemies are a little more difficult and resources will have to be shared, but overall it is a good bit of fun to play with your friends. There is also a battle mode where you can compete with three of your buddies in the ultimate head to head battle to the death. Like the campaign levels this is really a blast and is wonderfully implemented.


The graphics and sound are really some of my only complaints. The graphics look basic and really do not show anything special, and the sound, for the most part, is very lackluster. Sure this is laid out on a 2D plain, but with other games in this genre like Savage Moon clearly showing more in these departments, it is really a shame.

Overall, Comet Crash is an extremely fun tower defense game. With the amount of different options, as well as the ability to attack your enemies, it does a good job of setting itself apart from the others. What Comet Crash lacks in the sound and graphics department it really makes up in overall fun factor. This is a great pick up for any strategy fan.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Nice to see some offense in tower defense

Lackluster sound and graphics

Multiplayer is a blast

9 out of 10