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Tony Hawk’s Ride Does a KickFlip on its Price

December 12, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Ever since the original Tony Hawk’s pro-skater, the skateboarding superstar’s name has been synonymous with skate boarding video games. The most recent game featuring the “Birdman” himself is Acivision’s Tony Hawk: Ride. Ride features a life-size skateboard controller attachment which drive up the price of the game tremendously.

To help sagging sales of the expensive game, one major online retailer has kickfliped the price of Tony Hawk: Ride…

As part of’s Deal of the Day, Tony Hawk: Ride has had it’s price reduced by $30, to the price of $89.99. Although $89.99 is still expensive for any video game, but compared to the normal $119.99 price tag, this is a much needed price reduction.

This deal is only available for one day, so if you’ve wanted to pick up the game but the price had steered you away, now is your chance to pick the game up for 25% off the manufacturer suggested retail price.

What are you waiting for? “Nosegrind” over to now and “airwalk grab” yourself a copy.