MGS: Peace Walker Demo Infiltrates PSN Soon

December 15, 2009Written by Thomas Williams


Metal Gear Solid fans rejoice! While Japanese gamers have been playing a demo for the game Hideo Kojima claims, in his mind, is ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’, a demo for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is about to hit the PSN Soon. VERY soon.

How Soon you ask? This Thursday, December 17th!! It was mentioned in a KP Report podcast back in early November that the team was working on a English translation for the demo and the demo is now ready for us Western Gamers.  The demo will contain FOUR missions and supports ad-hoc connectivity so you can and three of your friends can give it a try.

The worst part of it all? While the game hits Japan and Europe in March, US gamers have to wait until MAY before we can take Big Boss on his next mission to save Costa Rica from an unknown evil army. But hey, it’s a Hideo Kojima game…you know it’s going to be worth the wait. May 25, 2010 is the official release date for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Make sure you don’t miss it, exclusively on the PSP and PSPgo.