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Advertisement Lets PSP-4000 ‘Cat’ Out of the Bag

PSP Perspective

Sony Computer Entertainment proudly sent out emails this morning announcing a new line of LittleBigPlanet PSP accessories due to be released this Winter. Along with this announcement about the accessories, they let slip a mention of yet another unannounced PSP model…

The PSPgo hasn’t even been released for 3 months yet and already the PSP-4000 is as good as confirmed. According to the ad, these PSP accessories are compatible with the PSPg0, PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, and PSP-4000, wait? PSP-4000? It’s not a rumor anymore unless someone at SCEE is toying with our emotions.


This latest version of the PSP is likely to be the best of both worlds having the Bluetooth capability and possibly the built-in flash memory that the PSPgo has, but still includes the UMD drive that the PSP-1000, 2000, and 3000 feature, but the PSPgo does not. Keep an eye out for official confirmation soon.