Eden Quietly Developing a New V-Rally Game

You would think that France based developers, Eden Games, would be content knowing their hands are full with the task of completing the all but confirmed yet highly anticipated sequel to Test Drive Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited 2 (working title), but while others would shy away and deny the possibility of a new VRally title in the works, new evidence says YES.

Eden Games developer, Alexandre Chambriat, recently posted on their LinkedIn profile an interesting bit of information that not only further confirms Test Drive Unlimited 2, but also indicates the development of a new title poised to revive the VRally franchise, VRallyX.

Considering the amount of time Eden Games has been reluctant to officially confirm TDU2, we don’t expect any VRallyX details to materialize out of France further than they already have anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited, right? Right?