Sony’s CES 2010 Booth Unwrapped

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, is already underway to start off the new year with CES 2010. The Consumer Electronics Show is known as one of the biggest shows worldwide for companies to show off new electronics and gadgets to consumers. As with previous years, Sony Computer Entertainment plans to be a big participant at CES and

Several photos of Sony‘s booth area have been released which show an enormous amount of effort that Sony is putting into the trade show. While the photos themselves don’t display what Sony plans to unveil at the show, the scale of the booth area and the setup look to be very impressive. While a large portion of Sony’s products are related to other facets of the electronics market other than gaming, there should be several electronics shown that advertise their PlayStation products, namely the upcoming motion controller for the PlayStation 3 console.

CES 2010 begins January 7th and ends January 10th, so look out for exciting news in the near future. Until then, check out photos of Sony’s CES booth below: