NIS Pledges Unwaivering Support to PS3

NIS or Nippon Ichi Software was a huge supporter of the PlayStation 2 in its hayday but the PS3 support has been a bit thin from the guys behind the Prinny.  While the PSP has seen most of this support and will continue to in 2010, the PS3 looks to be getting a bit more attention this year.

This looks to change as recently in Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, NIS CEO Sohei Shinkawa let it be known that his group will begin ramping up PS3 output over the course of 2010, starting with publishing PS3 Exclusive Last Rebellion due out in February.   Shinkawa went on to ensure fans that his company will make better use of the graphic power that the PS3 has.  Currently Nippon Ichi Software is working on several large scale RPGs and feels that fans will be amazed by the talent that will be working on the games.

More RPGs are always a good thing and you cannot go wrong with them if they have been backed by NIS.  Stay Connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for all your PS3 news.