Dead or Alive Series Alive and Well; Coming to PS3

In the latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine UK much new information has surfaced about already announced games.  However there is one game mentioned that hasn’t yet been officially announced for the PlayStation 3.

Team Ninja’s Dead of Alive series has long been synonymous with the Xbox brand, mainly due to Itagaki’s (Dead of Alive and Ninja Gaiden series creator) love for Microsoft’s console. Ever since DOA 3, each following installment of Dead or Alive has been released on a Xbox console. Fortunately for PS3 owners Itagaki is longer working under TECMO which owns the Dead or Alive IP. This lead to speculation that Dead or Alive could follow Ninja Gaiden over to the PlayStation 3.

Just recently, Dead or Alive: Paradise was announced for the PSP, which further fueled hopes of the Dead or Alive series making its way onto the PlayStation 3. Now, in the latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, it’s been “rumored” that Dead or Alive 5 is in development on the PlayStation 3. Exactly what fans had been hoping for since Itagaki’s departure from TECMO.

Although this reveal was in the Rumour Machine section of the magazine, going by the other listed “rumors”, Dead or Alive 5 is as good as confirmed. Almost all other “rumors” listed have either been announced or have been discussed recently.

Thanks TheHater for the tip!