Rumored PS Store Content for 01/14/10


Sadly, this PS Store update is looking rather empty, hopefully some last minute announcements will bring us a couple demos or a new game to get our hands on. Fret not however, the upcoming weeks will have some excellent content featuring a demo for Heavy Rain, Alien Vs Predator (possibly this week), and much more. It’s been rumored that the EU PlayStation Store will be updating with some content that has only been available in the US thus far. In that case, maybe there is hope that the US PlayStation Store will receive the first episodes of Blue Toad Murder Files.

To start 2010 off with a bang, we’ve done a massive update to our coming soon section. Be sure to check it out to get an idea of what is coming down the PSN pipeline this year.


ZEN Pinball DLC – Ninja Gaiden Table

Magic Orbz DLC – Winter Theme Pack

psp-minis Minis (PSP and PS3)

guitar-hero-5-cover-image-02 Guitar Hero 5 DLC – Vampire Weekend Track Pack

  • Vampire Weekend – “Holiday”
  • Vampire Weekend – “Cousins”
  • Vampire Weekend – “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”

rock-band Rock Band DLC – Alice In Chains Track Pack

  • Alice In Chains – “Grind”
  • Alice In Chains – “Heaven Beside You”
  • Alice In Chains – “Last of My Kind”
  • Alice In Chains – “We Die Young”
  • Alice In Chains – “Your Decision”

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