3D Dot Game Heroes Sees Worldwide Release

3D Dot Game Heroes has been drawing in a lot of attention with its unique art style and similar resemblance to the Legend of Zelda. From Software, the guys who brought us Demon’s Souls, have created yet another unique exclusive PS3 title which has already hit Japan, but not yet in the west.

In line with the American release, Europe will receive 3D Dot Game Heroes in May. To be published by Southpeak in Europe and Atlus in the US, 3D Dot Game Heroes takes you back to the 80’s as you quest through the kingdom of Dotnia, slaying monsters with your blade, seeking treasure in dungeons all in glorious 3D!

Jonathan Hales, managing director EMEAA, SouthPeak Games:

I am delighted to be working with Atlus to publish 3D Dot Game Heroes and we have very high expectations for this exciting and unique title. We’ve been following the progress of the game since it was announced in Japan and are thrilled to have secured the title for Europe.

Set to release worldwide come May, get ready to go 3D.