Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Leads the Way on PS3

Since being revealed at E3 last year, MercurySteam / Kojima Productions take on the Castlevania series, Lords of Shadow, has gone into the ‘shadows’  regarding information about the game. Thanks to Twitter,  a bit more information has been revealed and it’s nothing but good news for PS3 owners.

David Cox, Producer for C:LOS tweeted the following, which should make ALL potential buyers of the PS3 version of the game very happy.

PS3 is the lead platform but the game is identical on both formats.

Why is this such good news you ask? I think we all know that when a company ports a 360-lead title to the doesn’t always work out for the best. Just take Bayonetta on the PS3 for example. The title is plagued with horrible load times, while the 360 version moves along perfectly. When the PS3 version is the lead title and is ported to the 360, it’s a different story. This is a smart move by Konami and should help benefit the title overall.

When David was asked about the game’s camera system, he revealed that it will be fixed, which is similar to the God of War series.

Camera is fixed. You cannot control it.

Sounds good to me! I’m all for cinematic camera angles, as long as it’s the best angle available.

With the help of Kojima Productions, it looks like this ‘rebirth’ of the Castlevania series could be the first 3D Castlevania title to be worth a damn. What do you fans of the series think? Should the series have stayed 2D or is Lord of the Shadows the next sensible step for the series?

Look for Castlevania: Lords of Shadows later this year.